XFS Analitics


Banks and companies that transport securities that manage cash for ATM today are faced with hundreds of cases of possible shortages per year per country, this means that any of the parties involved must have a specialized team or refer directly to the supplier the cases so that they can be solved and determined to whom belongs the fault of the errors that result in economic shortages for the ATMs of the services of alternative banking channels.

At Ebrax, we believe that this process can be improved and benefit the securities transportation companies so that they can automate the resolution of forensic analysis of missing cases on Journals research or third-party logs.

We have created the first solution in the market in research of missing cases of banking alternative channels in the market in which the maximum time for the resolution of a case does not exceed 3 minutes, this will increase by 99.95% the time of resolution of problems of missing and avoid that the investigations go to days, weeks or even in the most difficult cases of missing to months.

La solución cuenta con una interfaz web mediante acceso SSL, en la cual la información de los casos y los clientes queda absolutamente resguardada bajo un modelo Software as a Services (SaaS), en múltiples idiomas como español, inglés entre otros.


  • Have highly specialized personnel.
  • Subcontract the ATM hardware provider.
  • Save time and be able to analyze all cases of missing cash.
  • Execute an impartial and truthful analysis on the data to solve the case as quickly as possible and avoid unnecessary responsibilities.


  • Secure web interface and multi-language.
  • Storage information in a secure environment.
  • Access through username and password for all cases.
  • Role management within the cases of missing.
  • Customer Management.
  • Management of ATM locations.
  • Supplier selection: ATM Hardware, XFS Software, Operating System.
  • Currency Selection, Importance of the missing case and number of ATMs affected.
  • Insertion of Journal logs for any Model, brand and version of ATM and XFS.
  • Insertion of error manual.
  • Insertion of Microsoft Windows logs.
  • Insertion of programmed cash replacement schedules to detect post-replacement errors caused by operators.
  • Analyze past cases and / or several days without problem of one or multiple ATMS.
  • Sample results for your analysis in real time.
  • Extraction of signed PDF results to be presented before any legal intermediation.
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